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Plopped by the road, the youth is quietly seething, her whiskers stiff, her whole body tense. She's busily sharpening her dagger with a whetstone- though, by the look of things, she'll be lucky if she doesn't sharpen it into nonexistance. Her eye is swollen, her cheek bruised-- evil, evil beasts. Gnar. Poor girl.

"Tah..." The fox trudges his way down the road southbound, hands in the pockets of his pants and face shifted over to one side in an expression that one expects to see on a student racking his brains over some quotation by a brilliant philosopher, eyes studying the clouds. Nothing out of the ordinary; he simply walks along his usual way, ignoring for the moment that there's a young otter lass sharpening a knife to the side.

( A casual brow arches, and the youngling's optics flicker to the tod. For now, she only wrinkles her muzzle back in a sneer, drawing her legs closer to her body as he passes. Her face still hurts- and, as much as she hates to admit it, it hurts even to speak, and so for now she's refraining from doing so. The knife hovers just above the stone, the edge of the knife just barely lit upon the smooth surface. Watch. Observe. Nr. )

... Tah. He doesn't catch the sneer in particular, but he does notice the movement of the girl's head and tilts his own to do the same, pausing in the middle of the road, inclining an eyebrow to her as he stops mid-stride with his hands in his pockets. Anime character. "Allo? Do I know you?"

She's not as stealthy as Ziereaux, nor as boistrous as Kojo.. When Kairos appears, everyone takes notice. The Nozama Thane is in a fair mood, the collar of a luxurious fur-lined coat turned up, protecting her neck from the bitter air of late-autumn. Her duet of swords have been straped over it, both hilts easily accessable over her right shoulder. Paws warm and toasty in her pockets, the jill makes a slow path northward along the road. There's a proud upwards tilt to her muzzle, pupiless eyes seeming motionless. Her gaze, apparently, is elsewhere, catching sight of the young femme's face off to the side. "Kojo.. Xjev jeqqipif?" Ee. A male. A glare is sent towards the approaching tod. "Not another step, nemi. I've dealt with enough of yehr kind t'day." The voice is low and cold thickly accented. Kairos' paws slip from her pockets, ready to reach for one of her blades..

Drat. Tongue flicking out to moisten her lips, her eyelids flutter just slightly in a wince. Vurrysorejaw. "..." However, just then, Kairos makes herself known, and the youngling's eyes widen. "Kairos!" The accent is thick, on her. She leaps to her feet, shoving the dagger in its place. "-- I've been looking for you." Her eyes widen. ".. Tvyqof nemi jov ni!" It could be taken as this tod before them, or another-- she doesn't really clarify.

"... Ta..?" The tod's eyebrows go up his forehead and an innocent glimmer in his eyes follows along with a slow-moving grin that crawls like a slug across his face. "Nneh? What what, where am I supposed to go from here?" The tod wavers a bit, retracting his extended leg -- which was on its way to the ground -- and swinging it here and there with a puzzled look on his face as if it were up to Kairos to decide where he goes next. What a weird guy. He looks back and forth from Kairos to Kojo, utterly puzzled but at least glad the knife is out of sight for now, although he does keep a watch on Kairos... Looks like she's having a bad day.

The jill's ears point forward, eyes remaining on Kojo as her jaw jerks towards the fox. "Jon?" She doesn't wait for a response, turning sharply to regard the male, lip curled in a sneer. "Bloody useless nemi.. Yeh -dare- attack one o' the Nozama?" Dark-furred paws curl into angry fists; for now, the swords remain sheathed. "Where are yeh s'posed teh geh? Undergroun', Fates beh true, an' there wi' beh one less o' yehr kin'!"

Cerulean optics roll, and she shakes her head carefully. "Pu." Though, a light smirk plays across her muzzle, and the young otter tosses her head back, eyes half-lidding as she regards the tod. ".. e tryossim. Cyv ..." She smirks. ".. he -is- a nemi." She regards the tod with a wary glance, looking back and forth betwixt her sister and the fox; she's anxious, her features reflecting it clearly. She's almost pushing for something to happen.

"H-hey, whoa, nonono!" The tod laughs, waving a hand in the air and the other pressed against his chest. "No, wait, you think I--" he indicates Kojo to the side, grinning from ear to ear. "No, nooo... No way in the world, no way on earth. I don't even know the lass." He pauses, clearing his throat briefly and looking between the two again. "Mmneh. Hi, by the way..." A pause. "M'name's Alan Marsh... I 'spect you two are new around here?"

With a snort, the Thane makes a very rude gesture towards the retreating tod. "Coward," she mumbles, a scowl planted firmly on her muzzle. From the looks of it, Kairos was itching for a fight.. Or a slaughter. Bloodshed, either way. c.c;; "A squirrel?" She queries of the younger female, lender brows arched. "An' heh's no' slain?" More like embers than coals, now, her eyes glow fiercely with what light they reflect from her surroundings, sharp whites bared. "If yeh see the squirrel again--" she jerks a humb in the direction Alan went, "--or that'n, follow 'em. I'dd teach yeh 'ow teh slit a throat wi'out stainin' yehr blade."

And wouldn't it just so happen that Cassite decided now would be a good time to go after Kevarr's tracks in the dusty road. A full day has passed since the incident, and he's been to Avengarde and back by now. It's not difficult, really, to determine how that turned out. His head is bowed as he follows the dirtied tracks, his headfur tied back loosely in his long bandana. He wants his sword back, at the very least.

Eyes following the tod, the youth scowls. "I had him!" she replies, gaze quickly turning to the jill. "I had him, I did! But a marten came, and got in the way. She's the one who did this!" She points to her bruised eye, before snorting. "He had a sword, and she had a blade. I'm not stupid enough to get in the way of /both/ of them." Her whiskers stiffen, her muzzle crinkling back. ".. I know what he looks like," she growls. "If--" And then, the squirrel comes into view, and the youth only scarcely sees him out of the corner of her eye. However, the cursory glance turns into a stare. "Tqiel ug vji fiwom .." A low growl emits from her throat. "That's him, Kairos, that's him!"

The jill isn't particularly sullen, but she looks it, now.. Ears folded back, paws stuffed in her pockets, shoulders hunched so the fur-lined collar of her coat brushes the bases of her ears.. "A marten?" She echoes, gave cool and level on the younger's face. "A.. jill? E ginni figipfif e nemi?" Her brows draw together, eyes narrowed. "Blast.. Redwallers. Pu tipti op vjin." Kairos switches between her own language and the common tongue without seeming to notice.. She spits on the road, off to the side of Kojo, and thus in so sign of disrespect for her. The jill's ears prick forward agressively, gaze cutting across to the dark figure coming towards them. "Vjev't jon? Esi zuy tyti?"

The squirrel remains happily oblivious, as he only now enters into earshot, and his paws are still stuffed in his pockets. The sheath dangling at his side is empty, and his eyes remain cast upon the road, trying his best to make out the jill's pawprints in the dirt. There are the tracks of many here, so the task is a difficult one. Flicking his tailbrush, the squirrel heaves a sigh and just walks along. What was he thinking? Why was he in such a horrible mood?

".. Redwallers?" The name rolls off her tongue oddly, and a moment of confusion flickers across the youngling's face. "But yes. A jill. I think he may've been her nesi." She wrinkles her nose. "She jumped inbetween us, and hit me." She shakes her head. "But .. piwiqnopf, gus pux." She sneers, muzzle wrinkling as her gaze flicks back to Cassite. "Hoy, fool nemi! I told you I'd be back!" Proud strut.

Though, after a moment, the youngling pauses, ears perking. "Kairos, you take care of him," she whispers, hastily. "'m gonna go see somethin'." And then, the youth darts off. Watch her go. c.c;

And here he comes, a-walkin up the road from the South this time... Where was he? Moss Village? St. Ninians? Who knows, and for that matter, who cares? He shuffles a bit in his steps, hands shoved into the pockets of his leathers. Ah, nightness. The chill's caused him to roll down the sleeves of his jacket.

Making her way languidly along, the youth appears decidedly uneasy. That marten from the other night -did- go this way-- perhaps by chance she will run across her, again. Her sister can handle the squirrel, for the moment. Though, soon enough, the twin optics, ever-observant, alight upon the approaching. Scowling, she slows. Wonderful- just what she wanted, tonight.

He notices the slow, and... Well, she's too far away for the scowl. He's got an easy walk to recognize, but of course he doesn't recognize hers -- doesn't even really know how tall she is. He pauses in his step, standing there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets and looking from side to side before offering a greeting. "Hello hello."

Though, the boisterous youth continues forward, muttering under her breath. Once she's near enough for her features to begin to be recognizeable, her chin tilts up. Oww. Still sore. But .. she shall pretend. "You have some nerve coming back," she snorts, boldly aggressive in both her stance and her words- strange, coming from one as young as she.

Pause. Alan's face quirks visible, an eyebrow raised and his forehead creased in puzzlement. "Eh? I'm walkin' up the road," he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. "What, did it come under new ownership?"

Only now, scarce few feet away, does the child take pause, a furious glare on her features. "You're walking -in my path-, nemi," she grunts in reply, muzzle curling back. "And you have some nerve coming back up this way, when my sister and your better told you not to." Her voice is thickly accented, and it carries, still, a childish lilt.

A grin. How cute. Alan clasps his hands behind his back, leaning down a bit as the child deposits herself so defiantly in front of him. "Your sister an' my better, huh?" The grin broadens to near maniacal proportions, and the fox straightens up to his full height, taking in a deep breath and casting his glance skyward. "Mmn. I think it should be known that no one is better than yours truly." A soft laugh, and Alan places a finger against his lower lip, giving a ... ... whaaa? A pouty look. How weird. "What's your sister's name, just out of curiosity? Oh! And yours too. Heh." ... Uh oh.

At that, the child sputters- and then laughs. "-You-? Better?" She laughs again, seeming genuinely amused. "You are stupid." She scoffs- though, his next motions throw her off guard, and she blinks, muzzle crinkling back, face reflecting confusion. ".. what? That's none of your business! You have no right to know our names."

Hm. Well, come to think of it, she is a little young to understand the gestures, but oh well; that can wait until the ferret gal comes back. The fox's eyebrows hop -- he tends to do this a lot, one supposes -- and he clasps his hands behind his back, an amused smile curving across his lips. "Well, all right then. I trust you remember mine..."

This fox confuses her. Not only is he remaining genial, he's also managing to throw her somewhat off guard. This is something that doesn't make for a pleased Kojo- and, thus, she only bares her teeth, sulling up somewhat. "Why should I care what your name is? You're nothing but a nemi." Bristlehiss. Oy. She's getting to be in a worse and worse mood.

"Ta. And what is that supposed to mean? ... The nemi bit, that is. I understand you two aren't from around here..." Alan purses his lips together, rocking back and forth on his heels as he examines the girl from closer up -- the moonlight helps. Of course he remains genial -- he considers himself sort of a gentleman, at that -- and of course he caught her off guard... It's what he does, although the girl in front of him doesn't exactly size herself up as a valid target for--... Well, we'll leave that out of this. G rating and all. "Ta."

"A nemi is /you/," she snorts, rolling her eyes. Mm. Yes. Everyone should understand this. Foolish beasts. She seems oblivious to any such things coming from him- indeed, she's young. And, at last, she bristles, ears flattening against her skull, a look of frustration crossing her features. ".. ugh! What is the matter with you, are you stupid?" Rant. No, she's not making sense. She's frustrated. He should be scared of her by now. Or at least angry. Fear her ottery might.

"Ta. A nemi is /moi/?" he asks, placing a delicately-postured hand upon his chest and leaning back slightly. "Well, I never.." He laughs. "All right, I think I get the clue." He clears his throat, turning his head to one side and regarding the otter girl sideways, shrugging up a shoulder. "Who knows?" he says, rolling his shoulders up in a shrug as an offer to her second question and bearing an amused grin on his lips as he observes her gradual shift into annoyance and frustation.

"You and your kind," she grunts, tossing her head back defiantly, eyes blazing. "Now get out of my way, before I /make/ you get out of my way." Her teeth bare threateningly, her paw tightening around her dagger hilt. Her whiskers are stiff, her whole body tense.

"Me and my kind, what, foxes?" A cluck of the tongue, and his arms fold over his chest, eyes closing and head turning away in an expression of indignation. "Terrible, you species-ist types." A grin, and his eyes shift back to Kojo, eyeing the hand on her dagger. "What are you planning to do with that, girly?" he asks, suddenly very cool and level about it.

"You .. males," she scoffs, muzzle crinkling. "There's nothing terrible about it. Simply putting all you where you deserve to be." At the next bit he utters, her paw jerks upward, carrying the dagger with it. It twirls lightly in her paw, before settling loosely in her paw, the pointed tip canted toward the fox. "Show you manners. And don't you -dare- refer to me as that again." Fierceglare.

"Males, eh? What's wrong with males? .. Particularly, what did /I/ ever do to you?" He smirks. "Looks like someone's got a bit of a short fuse... That doesn't work out so well," he taps his cheek so as to imply her own and say 'as I can see.' As the dagger comes out, he doesn't move a bit, instead folding his arms over his chest and staring the girl down. "If I were you, I'd rethink my policies and the crowd I run with. You're too young to know hate like that." A sudden, almost grave expression moves over the fox's features, and he takes a step forward and then to the side, making sure he brushes past her shoulder-wise before walking off.

"What's wrong with males? Everything is! What's /right/ with them?" She advances aggressively, bowing up to him, head tilted up to make a vain effort to appear taller than she is. But then, he brushes by her, unwittingly-- and she still has the dagger. In a sudden violent, brutal move, the dagger goes toward his gut, as powerful as a six-season-year old beast can muster. "Cej, ipuyhj xovj auy! Iev tviim, tvyqof nemi!"

Crunch. The dagger pounds into something, and in that skeleton moment when all the movement settles down, there is little more than a partial grin on Alan's face and a fist raised with Kojo's blade hammered into the back of it. "Should've told me you were gonna do that," he quips, lifting his free hand to grab the wrist of her hand holding the knife and, with a good deal of suffering pain on his part, extracts the blade from the back of his head. She's small; the knife simply wedged itself broadways between two of the bones in his hand, which although it saves him damage to nerves and the like, hurts and bleeds like a mofo, to put it lightly. "... Again, girly, what did /I/ ever do to you?" He loosens his grip on her wrist a bit, moving to pull her over to the other side of him and give her a little push before continuing his northwards walk, cursing under his breath.

Seeth. Kairos casts a sideways glance toward the departing otterfemme, a brow winging upwards. "O'mm fiem xovj zuy mevis," the Thane murmurs, ears pricked forward. She turns, regarding Cassite with a sneer as he draws nearer. An imperious finger is pointed at him. "Yeh, nemi.. -Yeh- attacked meh sister?"

The squirrel's eyes flick up almost immediately, his paws immediately slipping from his pockets. Without a sword, he's not nearly so cocky enough to leave them there. He bristles in silence, eyes narrowing upon the new face. No sign of the little runt from a couple nights back. He rolls his shoulder slowly back, murmuring. " But I don't suppose that it matters. She was the one that attacked me." Really Cass. As if it would matter.

What horrid timing. Darkened toes curl over the edge of a treebranch, steadying the jill's strance just enough that she can concentrate her attention on the task at paw. An arrow is slipped from her side-quiver and set to caressing the side of her bow. A cheery giggle flits from her tongue as she drops down fully, ears up. "Wot's this, Kai? Foundjer se'f a scratchin' post?" Tossing raven locks out of her eyes, Ziereaux comes to stand beside Kairos, nudging her in greeting.

Kojo is swung around and uncerimoniously flung into the dust with a grunt. "Cetvesf!" By the time that the collects herself and rises, he's too far away to run after, really. "You are only lucky your /hand/ was in the way!" Earflatten hiss. She's definately grumpy. And, with that, she snorts, watching the fox a long moment before trotting back up the road to rejoin her sisters. Falling alongside the pair, one would note she's dusty, discontent, and has a bloody dagger still in paw. How pleasant.

Only, out of sight isn't too far when it's dark on the road and Alan finds himself soon squatting down by the edge of the road, to the side in the grasses, clutching his injured hand with the other -- his sleeve pulled up to extend over the palm -- and shaking slightly, almost fighting off tears. 'What did I do, damn it?' he asks himself, gritting his teeth and looking slowly to the side as he notices the voices.

"Kojo guypf ov. O vjopl tji cemmif jon.." Kairos grins a wicked sort of grin, ears still pointed forward. "This -nemi- hit 'er.. Aye, Kojo?" The bloody dagger is given a glance, and an approving nod. The jill's arms cross over her chest, chin lifted. "Go on, -nemi-.. Deny it."

Oh, of all the days to storm off and leave his sword behind. Cassite's bristles appearance settles somewhat as the third voice comes. Followed by the sight of the runt from earlier in the evening approaches. Kojo. Of all the things, it's the notched arrow that unsettles him the most. Cassite may be stubborn, but there is a thin line between stubborn and stupid that he's not willing to cross. He flicks his gaze to the side. "...I did not feel I had much choice at the time. But I will not deny it."

A snort. "Qevjivod. Muul ev ov! Ji't.. qypa." Zie scrunches her maw up in distaste, tail flipping about as the side of her finger gently strokes the arrow shaft down near the fletching. The bowstring -is- pulled, though not quite tight enough to fire decently. Yet. "Is that all y've got t'say fer y'self, y'pretentious kneecap? Pfft. Choice'r not, y'hit 'er, yer not gonna walk away unscathed, nemdjodl."

Kojo giggles, at that. "Vji guz, gsun iesmois?" She grins, broadly. "This is his blood," she informs Kairos, with a childish sort of glee-- and, also, with a pointed glace toward the squirrel. "He hit me," she scowls, chin tilting up, her muzzle crinkling back. "And all I did was put him in his place. He tricked me." Yes. Or something like that. She's all but bouncing with happiness- her big sisters are coming to her defense. Again.

Tch... Alan eventually drags himself up off the ground, growling lowly from the sensation coming from the back of his hand -- relatively, it feels like it's on fire -- and the fact that the night air is rapidly cooling down doesn't help at all. He continues walking north a bit, until he realizes that there are four figures standing up not too far off, one of which he debates might be the whelp who just stabbed him. Eyes narrow slowly before he mentally checks himself, moving to the side of the road and standing still, an observer.

The ferret femme laughs briefly and quietly, openly mocking the squirrel. "Yeh 'ad th' choice teh 'it 'er," the Thane growls, and gestures towards the empty sheath at Cassite's side. "Jus' as yeh 'ad th' choice teh leave yehr precious abbey unarmed.. Twice th' fool!" Her thumbs hook into her wide belt, black eyes lidded lazily as she carefully studies the male. "Kojo, yeh foun' thi' reekin' portrayal o' -manhood-.." She makes a face at the word. "Wha' sh'd weh deh wit' 'im, eh?

"I'm in th'mood fer a cookout." Zie leans to the side, stage-whispering to Kai with her eyes still trained on the squirrel. And look at that fur. "Make a good rug, too." For all your home decor needs, come see the weaselness. "Kojo, auy essohjv?"

The squirrel's features darken. Alright. He can play this way, if he has to. He merely remains quiet, gaze still averted. "...hmph. Squirrel doesn't sound like a very good meal to me." He bristles slowly, eyes narrowing. "...but if you think I'm unarmed, or that I'm alone, you're not so clever as you think." His eyes are cold - dead. And they slowly rise to level upon the three.

Slate walks with almost silent tread across the meadows that lie to the east. His change from standard attire helps him to blend into the shadows..though he doesn't go too particularly far out of his way to keep from sight. As he gets nearer to the road and his ears begin to pick up some of the words spoken he does shift the angle of his approach toward the base of one of the few trees lining that edge of the road.

Kairos says, "Tji't gopi," Kair responds for the otter, grin widening at her sister's remark.. "Hardly clever, nemi.. 'Tis three 'gainst one, neh? Duni, totvist.. E pix tmewi us e pix duev?""

"What, you got your /precious/ Redwallers?" Kojo jeers, taking an aggressive step forward, 'til she's just ahead of her two sisters. Though, she does turn to look at Zie. "He did this," she presses a finger to her cheek, gesturing to the bruised flesh around her eye. Paw slowly dropping. ".. but I'm fine. "Kytv moli ji eop'v huppe ci, qsivva tuup." She bares her teeth in a grin, looking somewhat thrilled. Okey. Very thrilled. ".. pretty fur .. pretty hair." She laughs. "Black would look pretty on you, Kie!"

Fine, he's already wounded. But somewhere inside him, something about Alan still hates the idea of revenge... Especially when it looks like it'll basically equate to the termination of an individual by a group. 'How stupid,' he thinks to himself, though for a moment it's unclear to him who he means -- the Nozama, Cassite, possibly himself? He straightens up slowly, starting to walk forward -- approaching the three on the opposite side where Cassite stands; from behind. He releases his injured hand, shuddering slightly as the fabric that was stuck to clotted blood pulls at the edges of the brief wound.

( One of the weasel's brows arc along her forehead to imitate a mountain peak, the casually lidded eye beneath it regarding Cassite with curious suspicion. "Ji't cmyggoph. Xevdj vji xea jot iest nuwi." Zie grunts, still smirking. A rounded ear turns, guiding her sights down to Kojo with a grin. "You think so? I'm rather fond of it.. T'would be a shame to let this nemdjodl waltz around in that pelt.. such a waste." )

And just to complicate matters: enter the irresistible, stunning, corsetted femme fatale of Mossflower! (That's Kallisto, of course.) The ferret wanders southward, ears perked forward at the sound of dialogue. Pausing just beyond the gathering, Kalli eyes each fur critically. Her eyes linger on Kairos -- a ferret femme? Interesting... Resting her paws on her hips, the ex-horde leader simply observes. Sexy!

What little light decends from the stars above glares slightly off Slate's black clothes as long as he remains on the open expanse of the meadow. But, eventually, his smooth soft steps bring him into the shadow of the tree and he practically disappears in just a single stride. Two or three footfalls more come from near the tree...then silence. The ferret stops at the base of the tree and leans against the trunk, watching the events with mild curiousity.

Of course, the squirrel hasn't the faintest idea of what they're saying. Every muscle in his body is tense as he tries to talk himself up in his head. Sure, the fact that he lost to a gimpy marteness the other day /with/ his sword doesn't at all imply that he'll lose to these three. My, what a pathetic hope to cling to. He slowly dips a paw behind his back. Slowly, he brings his paw back up front. There's nothing in his paws, either way. Shoulders tense, the darksquirrel uneasily observes them. 'Skinned' doesn't exactly sound like an appealing epilogue to his life. "Is this the way that females have to behave? All three of you against just me?" He murmurs, "That's not interesting at all. How about one at a time?" His lips curl slightly. "...or are you afraid of me?"

The ferret femme sports a fur-lined coat, it may be noted.. Kairos grins, lifting a paw to smooth down the soft ermine fur of the collar.. "Mmm... She's righ', Zie. Yeh a'ways look good in dark shades.." Earperk. Kairos scowls. "Th' Nozama are fearless, nemi."

( At that, the small one pipes up. ".. let me! I'll take him!" The malice in her tone is almost unreal, for one so young. ".. he hurt me. Let me have him. O'mm tjux jon xjev vji Pubene dep fu!" Her grin broadens. ".. And I'll try not to poke many holes in him." Her grip tightens on her dagger, eagerly. )

"Heavens. What is this infernal, nonsensical babbling? You sound like squirrels," Kallisto sneers, eyeing the ferret jill in the fur-lined clot. She smirks, crossing her arms over her chest, not impressed.

"Were I you, I'd hold my tongue smart-like. Much as I like yer fur I've no objection t'puttin one or two more 'oles in it, nemdjodl." The weasel pulls her elbow back, drawing the string to a tight, quivering position. Ready. "I don' see my sister 'ere quakin' in 'er boots. An' 'er," she flicks her chin, indicating Kojo, "She's younger'n you, by looks of it, an' she's about as ready t'tear ye apart as I am. A girly-nemdjodl like you's hardly enough t'even get me shakin'."

Slate smirks a little beneath the draped cloth that covers his muzzle. His dark eyes scan the groupings from the shadows...lingering upon first Kairos and then upon the approaching form of Kallisto. His brows knit a little, studying the jill intently, some vague recollection tugging at his thoughts.

And, standing behind the three Nozama, Alan brings his wounded hand behind him to mask the fact that he can't keep it from trembling -- the cold doesn't do him too kindly for blood loss -- and speaks up. "... Why do you do what you do?" A simple question, spoken in a low, clear tone.

The squirrel grunts as the bowstring is pulled back. He stares down the shaft of the arrow for a time, uncertain as to whether or not she will shoot, or if the little runt, Kojo, will come flying at him. Finally, however, he smiles, straightening. "...yes. I'd imagine I could easily be mistaken as female. How often is it that it happens to you?" Well, it may take a moment to get Cassite's line of thought. But more or less, it equates to a far less embarassing to himself version of, 'I'm more womanly than you could be, you butch femme.' True or not.

Slate blinks, his eyes wrenching toward the newest voice. The hob's eyes widen ever so slightly at Alan draws the attention of the obviously vicious femmes. Then his eyes flicker back to Cassite as the squirrel sets to insulting the group further. He mutters softly to himself, his words muted by the face mask he wears, "Do gooders, bravery...and foolery. An interesting combination."

( Kairos glances towards the other Thane, then inclines her head in the slightest of nods. She's gonna leave this particular squirrel up to her sisters, stepping back and folding her arms. The jill is very content to, for now, watch and enjoy her front-row tickets. "Vjev veom," Kairos remarks with a casual smirk. "O huv foct!" A round ears flicks back, and a black brow wings upwards as the tod comes up behind Kai and her sisters. "Eh? 'Cause yehr -nemi-." She offers no more explanation. Nemi or know, the tod should know better. )

Well .. no one else is doing anything. And, thus, Kojo strides forward, cockily, her dagger loosely gesturing to the squirrel. "A bad mistake. Auy jewi nep-qesvt. Vu jewi auy ci demmif e ginemi ot e fothsedi vu -yt-!" This causes her to grin widely- and, soon enough, she is a mere step away, features lit with malicious glee. She doesn't notice the fox, for now- rather, her attention is locked upon the squirrel, her grip on her dagger slowly tightening and loosening.

Treetops sway slightly and leaves rustle for now apparent reason then stop in a trea near to the group.

"Long 'nough t'bring 'bout the next generation of Nozama t'keep yer kind in check." The squirrel's barb seems to roll off Zie's back like a raindrop. "Koj, neon vji nemdjodl et auy tii gov. O civ jot qimv tnimmt gyppa, epaxea.

"Heh... I wish I could show you how foolish you sound, girl," Alan grunts at the ferret's reply, his teeth grinding together audibly as he dips his head to one side. "How does it help you? What does it fix?" A pause. "Your otter whelp stuck a knife in my hand. Why? 'Because you're a male,'" he spits, putting as whiny a tone in the quotation as he can. "How stupid can you get?" A nonchalant laugh; the tod straightens up to full height, bringing his injured hand into the crook of his arm to keep it warm and slow the bleeding down a bit. "Does it make you feel better? Tch... Just because you're all bitter and twisted doesn't make all of us worthless scum." He turns his head to the side and spits, as if to punctuate his point. Ooh, someone's working himself in deep.

"Long 'nough t'bring 'bout the next generation of Nozama t'keep yer kind in check." The squirrel's barb seems to roll off Zie's back like a raindrop. "Koj, neon vji nemdjodl et auy tii gov. O civ jot qimv tnimmt gyppa, epaxea." Whirling an ear back, she smirks, catching the tod's self-righteous speech. "If yer proof that not all nemi's are worthless scum, I'd hate t'see what -you- consider scum to be, then."

Dekar walks down the dirt road, having heard comotion. He walks briskly, with extra speed in his step. HIs cloak and scarfs twirl lightly behind him as he walks. His eyes dart back and forth from Alan and the others he is speaking with, having heard some of the convorsation. He laughs. "As if woodlanders and vermin fighting wasn't bad enough..." he chuckles.

Slate ears perk at the rustling above, not nice. He very slowly tilts his head back enough to peer upward. His dark cloths and coat disguise him well enough beneath the boughs even from above. He studies the branches but can spot nothing. He allows his eyes to slide back down toward Alan's little 'speech' and his memory clicks. Because you're male. He's heard that reason before.

Her back completely turned on her sisters, Kai gazes levelly and defiantly back at the tod. She sidesteps, narrowly avoiding getting foxspit on the toe of one knee-high boot. "Well said, Zie, well said.. Yeh, -male-, are workin' well t' disprove yehr own words.. I'm a Thane; yeh're a -nemi-. Shameful, wastin' breath on yehr kind."

The squirrel's ears flick back in silence. " You're sending a child after me. Fine." He faces the young otter again, murmuring quietly, "If it comes down to it, I'll kill you if I have to, kid." The darksquirrel's tailbrush flicks, and he merely stands there. "Then again, kids like you shouldn't deserve to be alive, anyhow." His paws place themselves on his hips. "So, what are you waiting for? Come and kill me."

Torwin keeps perfectly still, holding his cloak tight about him to help hide him as well as he listens hidden from sight in the boughs.

Kallisto smirks, eyeing these 'Nozamas' with slight amusement. She glances at Slate briefly... then the others. These femmes are beginning to sound like Mourir...

Dekar passes by the group, eyeing the femmes curiously. He just shakes his head and continues by. "I pity you..." is all the paladin says.

Baring her teeth in a grin, the youth only shrugs. "You won't kill me, nemi," she laughs, tossing her head back. And then, she moves- she may not be stout, but she has natural youthful speed. A paw juts outward to grab at the squirrel's collar, the other- the one with the dagger- thrusts toward his belly. She has no qualms about trying to kill unarmed- but is he unarmed? And, the attack is in one motion- if one misses, than the other likely will, as well.

And yet, the Nozama are the newest thing.. The Mouris are -so- five days ago! Again, Kai turns, this time presenting Alan with her back. There's a quiet sniff of disdain; obvious dismissal of the ignorant tod.

A cluck of the tongue. The tall todfox shakes his head from side to side. "Is that all you can do? Spit petty insults like you're so high and mighty? Ah... How sad. You know, I really envy you folk who strut around like you own everything and have the kind of time and resources it takes to try and push yourselves and your sick ideals on others, 'specially so young as that thing..." A pause. "You make me sick, but it's intriguing at the same time.." The fox's eyes turn skyward, a deep breath taken in, and he shakes his head once more. "I'd fight you now, buut... I don't hit girls. By the way, I didn't catch your names." A wink, a grin that borders on coy, and the fox settles in his stance, ready to move if it should become necessary.

Slate's thoughts are not all that different from Kallisto's his eyes stray about the roadway and land upon her. He's heard that reason..and he's seen that jill before. He peers at her for a long moment, then looks back to the trio in the middle, muttering to himself, "Mourir...that was it." He smirks, noticing Kallisto's eyes cast in his direction, but thus far, he remains entirely uninvolved.

"Why, of course! Gangly thing like you? Waste of energy on my part. Besides, Kojo's been practicing. I see no reason to deprive her of an easy target for starters." Tail flipping, The weasel blows her breath out. Okay, arm getting itchy. Zie needs to shoot at something. As Kai turns around again. Alan's comment is given a smirk, and a swift reply. "I don't hit girls either, but if you keep flappin' those wide jaws of yours, I'll make an exception in your case."

Ah... Foolish Slate. You should know Kalli's ears are ever-so keen. "Yes... Mourir," she smirks, eyes returning to Slate. She recognizes him. Well. "These ones sound a lot like us..." she added.

It's difficult to tell with the mask over his muzzle, but Slate's eyes clearly display a dark amusement as he once more looks toward Kallisto. His voice smooth and deep as usual...and even decently respectful, "Indeed, m'lady. In fact, they sound very little different. Aside from their ability to hide behind there own dialect." His eyes trail back toward the disputeing creatures and his amusement seems to pass away into silent thought. He has yet to remove his weight from the trunk of the tree.

Speed or not, that move was encouraged. The darksquirrel immediately tugs his swordbelt. That slip of his paw earlier was slitting it to its very fibers. The sharp tug is more than enough to yank it loose. He immediately slits the sheath free with his claws as he sidesteps, the attack that he goaded her into. He wasn't just blowing hot air. He brings the hardened metal around to smack sharply at her back - aiming high. For her head, neck, or shoulders. The swordbelt still dangles in his opposing paw, his eyes focused on the task at paw. No words are spoken. Cassite's eyes are narrowed vividly. After this attack, he backs off, no matter what the damage he causes.

A pause. For a moment, the world seems to stand still for Alan. A quick debate between his inner faculties of reason and his violated innate sense of justice. He straightens himself up a bit, moving his neck from one side to the other with a couple of pops, and shrugs his shoulders. "Ooh. What an ingenious reply... Y'know, for a while there I was thinkin' you were all so very pretty and dressed up and such, but... Well. Can't win 'em all. I'm... Alan, by the way." The fox looks to the side, a broad devil's grin splitting tightly across his face. Boom! He takes off, and with those long legs of his, he moves /fast/. He makes a beeline towards Zie, hoping for a moment she won't be able to bead him with that arrow and let it loose before he gets there, but regardless, in a matter of seconds, the fox is airborne, sliding through the air only about five feet off the ground, arms spread to their fullest -- a little more than his full height, since he's got long limbs -- aiming to get his arms around the weasel's torso and arms at the same time and providing a bearhug to accompany an impending vacation to the earth. Fox rocket, away!

Ah, there's a good boy. Treat Kalli with respect (and flatter her with titles) and she won't kill you. Her gaze never leaves these Nozamas... but she does entertain Slate with a response. "Yes... They do sound terribly childish speaking in such a manner. Like Dibbuns, with secret codes. How... absolutely pathetic." Kallisto snorts, lips playing with a smirk. "They may grow in number, but they'll never be Mourir. Too... chatty and whiney."

Slate grins beneath his muzzle cover and he mutters softly, the sound muted by the cloth, though not completely unhearable, "Let us hope so." He flinches a little as Alan sprints forward and he tips his head forward, the brim of his hat blocking the view for a brief moment. Not caring to watch the tod get impaled in his rather bold jump, "Ouch."

Kallisto snorts. "This is pitiful and disgusting -- and horribly amusing. If -- and only if -- these foolish lesbians ever become a wordly power like Mourir once was, someone wake me, please. I'll be elsewhere." The jill turns, nodding once to Slate. "Farewell, old friend..." Gah. These Nozamas are sickenly familiar. And yet so very sad.

Blah blah, whine whine, go get drunk or-ack! The arrow's instantly released, the bow springing from her paws as the full weight of the tod slams her forward and onto the ground. Bare footpaws and forepaws flail about Alan's headfur and ears, her torso squirming and twisting this way and that in an attempt to dislodge herself. "Gerroff, y'crazed demon! Go findjer self an easy vixen or sommat!" Rarrunimaginativeposeresponse v.v.

The hard sheath connects with her upper back, right betwixt her shoulderblades. Features contorting into a grimace, her back arches, her shoulders pinning back. Ooow. She wasn't expecting that. Though, nearly soon after, her gaze snaps to Cassite- and this time, rage burns in those orbs, the blue flames blazing hot. And this time, not a word is uttered- she's prepared. Thinking back on her training, she slowly advances, keeping a wary eye on the sheath and the belt. Badenbad.

Torwin continues to watch from his perch through the branches, mainly concentrating on the fight Cass is in but Alan does get an amused gaze. Who needs the movies.

Slate raises his gaze to Kallisto as the jill turns to make her leave. He eyes her back side with a rather healthy smirk....pretty girl. His only reply is still regal and polite, "Fare thee well, m'lady." He then casts his glance back toward the fighters...a little surprised, but slightly pleasantly so, that Alan has not become an arrow popsicle.

Alan served in the Valian military for nearly ten years. Aside from all the other hoo-ha requisites that had to be fulfilled -- cooking, basic tailoring, and the like -- there were always the regular weapons training drills and Greco-Roman wrestling. Alan is considerate enough to use the momentum of his body to twist himself to the side, absorbing the fall of both bodies with his back -- after all, being smaller and lighter than him as a rule, the last thing Alan would want to do is seriously injure the girl. Shaking off the grabs at his face and handfuls of his hair, he gives a deep growl, turning over so that he's sort of draped over the weasel. From here, he posts a knee on either side of her own, using his ankles and calves to pin her legs to the ground, arms quickly scooping underneath her own, moving up around her shoulders where his hands come to the back of her neck and forcefully pulling her upper body off the ground, sitting back on his legs to increase the effectiveness of the pin. A blown-up Full Nelson. "Ta!"

The squirrel smirks slightly as she approaches, muscles tensing as he prepares for another attack. His ears twitch only briefly as the sound of an arrow being loosed reaches his ears. In only an instant afterward, he feels a hot sensation in his chest. A stinging pain, and a smatter of blood against his clothes as the arrow digs itself into the flesh just below the right side of his collar bone. The squirrel cries out before he can realize it, his defense obviously staggering, arm involuntarily shaking. He snaps his gaze back to the fight, struggling to stay focused. This is still a battle. No matter how old his opponent is. But this definately tears a gaping hole in his sails.

"Give!" the fox commands to the weasel he's got all locked up like that, but she refuses and, after only a couple of minutes, falls rag-doll limp under his pin, arms dangling rather than flailing wildly like they were. He sets the girl down, shaking his head before he hefts her off the ground and scoots her to the side of the road -- out of sight and out of harm's way, hopefully -- turning his attention to Cassite as the squirrel cries out. "Tch..!" He quickly identifies the thing he's fighting with as the same one that stabbed him in the hand, and although he feels a little bit woozy as he stands up straight, due to all of the blood loss, he jogs his way over to where the two are clashing, reeling back and aiming a light kick at the center of Kojo's back -- more of a push than a full-fledged kick -- hoping to gain some purchase in the element of surprise. Hit, kick... They're different! Honest!

Torwin twitches a bit as he sees cass get hit but just stays in his perch. Looks like the silly tod might help him out anyways

Slate continues to watch even after Kallisto moves away. Though his eyes fix on the fighters his thoughts are truly only half there. The other half of his attention has roved to reviewing the last couple days and other petty matters. He's really only remaining because, well, he's comfy.

Sunrise walks up the road toward the group. The errant shakes his head, not wanting to get involved in a foolharty quarell today... let fools kill fools. "Anyone here a doctor" he asks the group.

".. Zie?" Her gaze swings around, just briefly. Zie's fallen. And she's outnumbered. The footpaw connects solidly with her back, pitching her forward in a stumble- though, she uses this to her advantage, in a way. Seeing the squirrel wounded, she moves toward him once she regains her balance, swiping rather haphazardly. Now, a bit of uneasiness is ruling her movements, rather than actual skill or training. She's rather surrounded, and she's set on fighting herself out, be it with dagger or tooth and claw.

Slate closes his eyes momentarily as he whispers softly, "Game....set.....match." His eyes reopen to fix on Sunrise's question and he shrugs, "Why?"

Atma appears on the road at this moment, having caught sight of the commotion from the gates. He looks somewhere between distressed and annoyed.

Sunrise walks over to Slate. "Two ferrets are drunk out in the woods, one seems to have broken his ribs.. need a doctor to have a look at em"

Torwin glances towards atma as he arrives and smirks slightly from his hidden perch in the tree above slate. Seeing his expression he can guess the tongue lashing to come to Cass.

Slate chuckles faintly, still watching Sunrise, and he merely shrugs again, "That type of wound is beyond me...." Though he adds with a faint smirk, "Unless of course they pay exceedingly well for such services."

Cassite happens to have an arrow protruding his chest. He's hunched forward slightly as he almost subconsciously parries the blows from the younger of the two. Wild swipes that they are. He cringes with each reverberation along the sheath of his absent sword, and finally sums up the willpower to go on the offensive. He resolutely snarls, despite the pain lancing through him with every moment. Is he bravely bearing it? Not by a longshot. He looks all but about to cry as he proceeds. Pain hurts, darn it. He lashes his swordbelt out for her wrist, and should it strike and wrap about, he aims to yank her forward and drive his elbow into the femme's already bruised muzzle.

Sunrise sighs. "Well i'd like to get back to my wife... so i will pay exceedingly well" the errant reluctently reaches into his white cloaks, pulling out a small sack, he tosses it to Slate's feet. He smiles faintly. "Should be plenty to satisfy you for a while" Sunrise glances toward the fight, shaking his head he turns to go south. "Come along then... and there could be more in it for you, he pulls the hood back up over his head.

But in a moment's sight, a green-sleeved arm with a bloodied hand at the end extends between the two, aiming to catch Cassite's swipe and hopefully bar Kojo from making any further advance on the squirrel. "... Stop it!" he cries, looking between the two a moment and eventually abandoning the peacekeeper act for the job of someone who actually does something to stop the fight. He swings his arms around, moving to try and grab Kojo about the torso and legs and heft her up off the ground. "Gh..! C'mere, you."

Slate blinks, seeming completely surprised as he looks down at the pouch that lands by his footpaws. He grins as he leans down and hooks it up with a paw, fondling it's contents as he takes a few steps forward ready to follow Sunrise, "Well yer talkin' my language. Lead the way, mate."

Atma scowls. This is the part where Atma gets more annoyed than anything. He steps straight for the fray, full intent on spoiling all the fun. "..Enough!" He howls, his deep voice rumbling from within his throat. The unhappy marten roars, "What is the meaning of this?!"

Sunrise nods his head, good lets go.

Torwin hms as he watches the efforts to break up the fight. Looking towards slate as he leaves he figures there is no more reason for him to hide in the tree and quickly climbs down, shifting his bow on his shoulder as he lands on soil. The ranger maes his way towards the fray and stands makes way behind cass.

The sword belt catches her wrist-- and she's yanked backwards by the tod. The sword belt leaves a vicious burn on her wrist, and she squeals, kicking and clawing at the tod's back. She still has her dagger, too- and boy, does she use it, in one vicious haphazard stab. Baring her teeth, she even bites at him, with largish, sharpish, otterish canines. Rawr. Fear her youthful powers. Fear, I say.

Atma steps as close as he can to Cassite, standing over the squirrel, and holding a visible expression of rage upon his face. He seems to be examining everyone. Taking note of every face that he can. After a brief moment of this, he looks down at Cassite. "...You will have a good explanation for this." He murmurs, before he kneels, and attempts to get a good hold on the squirrel, under his arms. Though, first, he checks for wounds ON the arms. Because Cassite may get slightly irate if Atma fondled with his boo-boos.

The fox lets out a grunt of pain as he's kicked and clawed while he has the otter in transit, and the sudden feeling of a blade slicing in a brief arc across his left shoulderblade forces his back into an involuntary arch, a moment taken to clear the pain and adjust his hold on the girl so that he has more restriction on her arms. He carries her, being screamed and kicked at all the way, to where Ziereaux lies, still unconscious, and he gives the youth a heft, thumping her down on her heels and releasing the restraint of one arm to emphasize what he's saying. "You see her?" A pat on the cheek. "HEY! Do you see her? This is your friend, right? She's unconscious. When she wakes up, I don't know, but YOU." He shakes her a bit with the arm that's still holding her. "YOU are going to STAY here and watch her. Understand?" A pause. His voice drops, moving from anger to the calm, quiet, subdued rage of an angry parent. "... learn about what's important in your life." And with that, he releases her, rising to his feet and taking a cautious step back.

The squirrel recoils. "Get out of the way! I ca--" Cassite is grasped under the arms and liftes rather easily. Uck. It stinks to be a smaller species, not to mention have the ability to resist drained from the arrow protruding from under his collar-bone. "...let me the hell go, Atma!" He cries out, but he lacks the energy to resist. Uck. Poor squirrel. He's not even allowed to win a fight against a six season old. Regardless, Atma should find little difficulty in controlling the dark squirrel.

Torwin chuckles a bit and says, "You got him alright Atma?"

Oh, but that won't do. As soon as the tod sets her down, she's on her feet again, and launches herself at him, and fast. She lost the dagger somewhere. Claw, hiss, snark. There's no rhyme or reason to her attack- she just pummels at him fiercely, fists balled as they strike at him. She's not going to lose. Nu!
Regina has left.

But he was expecting something like this. Alan simply extends one arm -- the one to which the hand she stabbed is attached -- and places the center of his palm against her nose, fingers and thumb squeezing down to clamp her muzzle shut as he holds her at arm's length, which should be more than sufficient to keep any blows away from his body, though a kick does thump against his right hip, causing him to wince and bend at the waist a bit. The fox's lips draw back from his teeth, and he shakes his head, swinging his arm to the side to toss Kojo over Zie's unconscious form. "Quit it," he barks, and moves to walk away again, stumbling slightly in his step and breathing hard. A hand reaches back to touch his new knife wound, which causes him to twitch and growl. "... damn it."

Atma growls. Angrily. "If you think for a minute I'd leave you here with that thing sticking out of your chest, then I'd be a disgrace to my own children. The fight is over for you." Atma shifts, to grasp Cassite by his shoulders, and the backs of his knees. This sudden movement may cause some wounds to surge with pain. Atma scans the field for another moment, to make sure nobody performs any annoying stunts. His response to Torwin is a simple nod. He begins his retreat to the abbey. First at a quick walk...until his upper lip twitches, and he flattens his ears. He breaks into a run.

Torwin follows after atma, looking back towards alan for a moment and chuckles, "Have fun mate" he says then blinks towards atma as he runs but shrugs, slips off his bow, and runs off behind him

Rage. The youth is flung back against Zie once again- this time, however, her eyes clear. She's weaponless, and outnumbered. "Gydl ugg, cetvesf!" She huddles against Zie. Awr.

The fox makes it a few steps away before he glances back over his shoulder, feeling a slight sinking sensation in the center of his chest as Kojo slumps down defeatedly... Sure, the problem's out now... But was this the right thing to do? He turns back around, standing still for a moment or two to think about it before he attempts another step, which falters, catching the next one and hauling himself upright. He breathes hard, despite the fact that he's standing still, and his eyes turn up towards the Abbey slowly. The angry red line going down the left of his back might look fitting if he had a fading halo above his head. "... Nn." He turns, and slowly staggers his way into the Abbey.

And now, as everyone's gone, the youngling slumps against her sister, ears folded flat- and, only now does she allow a grimace of pain to work across her features. It hurts ... back throbbing and face muscles aching, the child slumps against Zie, hugging her still form desperately. "Ziiieee .." she whines in a low, low voice, nuzzling desperately into her sister's neckfur. Still warm. Still alive. But .. she doesn't make an effort to move Zie away from the uncomforting surface of the dirt road, either. Now, all the dust is settling, dusty specks covering the red streaks left from the violence- tomorrow, there will be no sign that anything occured here. The night is so still .. she whimpers, huddling closer. "Zie, get up already .." .. only now does she allow the inner child to come out- the inner child that so desperately seeks comfort. And a delicate tear weaves down her muzzle, but she quickly winces it away. "It hurts, Zie." She licks dry lips, just scarcely, her gaze flickering up and over the surroundings-- and suddenly, it feels oppressive. The night sounds amplify .. and the loneliness is horrible. Her eyes widen, and she bristles quietly, ears folding flat-- until, at last, her eyes slam shut, and she buries her face in Zie's shoulder, a muffled yelp exiting her muzzle. The night is horrible, when one must spend it alone. .. and, thus, there she lays, shivering and huddling her fallen sister, and the night simply shifts along around them- it makes for a sleepness night, and a none-too-comforting one. But she's yet unwilling to leave Zie's side .. she will stay here until her sister awakens- come hell or high water.

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