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Run and hide

Yes, and you thought the prospect of being caught with Sapphire the stoat was frightening? These logs come courtesy of Maeva, so don't forget to pity her.

RW Abbey: Infirmary

Several beds are lined against the red sandstone walls of the Abbey's
Infirmary.An examination table, separated from the rest of the room by hanging
blanketsrests against the far wall. Tucked into a small alcove is a sizeable
workbenchwith various containers for mixing and preparing medicinal compounds.
Againstanother wall is a desk for use by the Infirmary Keeper. A curtained off
alcovebehind the desk hides a locked door to the Infirmary's supplies and

Exits: Infirmary [Rec]overy Room, [H]ealer's [D]ormitory, [O]pen [G]round,
Lucy arrives from the Middle Dormitory..
Lucy has arrived.
You room-page, "Hola"
Lucy room-pages, "hii!!1".
Maeva leans against the wall, slowly and carefully moving her swollen ankle to
rest on the cot she's sitting upon. She has a pained, frustrated, and annoyed
look on her face.
Lucy comes in and looks around.
Lucy exclaims, "wow red wall's sooo pretty!!!"
Maeva raises a brow at Lucy, "Aye, I suppose...I'd bet it was much nicer when it
wasn't falling to pieces, though."
Lucy smiles at the Otter.
Lucy exclaims, "hi my names lucy lu!!"
+ Kevarr says, "Lucy is my new hero." (Group chat: nos)
You say, "...'Ello...I'm Maeva o' the Bahari...."
+ Atma says, "Lucy?" (Group chat: nos)
Lucy exclaims, "hi maeva!"
Lucy exclaims, "you have such a pretty name!"
Lucy asks, "whats the bahari???"
+ Kevarr says, "Yes, Maeva's new friend in the infirmary. She likes exclamation
marks." (Group chat: nos)
You say, "The Bahari is me holt. It's full o' cannibalistic otters. Me favorite
food is squirrel."
+ Violet says, ".. Oh god. Who LET THAT DESC GO?" (Group chat: nos)
A cute mousemaid, with bright eyes, a blue dress, and long brown hair, and she
looks just perfect!!!!1
+ Kevarr dies again. (Group chat: nos)
+ Maeva dies laughing at Lucy's desc. Oh, funny! (Group chat: nos)
+ Kent says, "Oh my..." (Group chat: nos)
Lucy exclaims, "squirrles are sooo cute!!!!11"
+ Kent blinks. Classic !!!!11... (Group chat: nos)
Maeva blinks at her, "......they're tasty, too...."
+ Kevarr says, "Maeva, you must log this." (Group chat: nos)
+ Danny dies giggling. XD (Group chat: nos)
Lucy yucks
Lucy exclaims, "chocolate covered squirrles!!!1 hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"
Maeva is starting to look just a tad baffled, "....Er....right...."
Stat Player Sex Species Age Idle
IC Lucy Female Mouse 9 seasons 1m
DYN Maeva Female Otter 7 seasons 0s
IC Danny Male Mouse 11 seasons 1m
You say, "You know, I eat mouse, too."
Lucy bats her lashes!

Lucy exclaims, "you can't eat me!! I'm uneatable!!!1"
+ Atma should send Ryu in to comment on how Lucy is the most repulsive looking
toad he's ever seen... (Group chat: nos)
+ Violet says, "Am I missing out? Should I send an alt?" (Group chat: nos)
+ Kevarr says, "Let's see, Vie." (Group chat: nos)
+ Kevarr says, "Lucy exclaims, "you can't eat me!! I'm uneatable!!!1"" (Group
chat: nos)
You say, "Unless yore made o' rocks, I bet ye I could eat ye."
Lucy asks, "how do u know im not? huh? huh???"
You say, "Well, I'm starting to think at least some parts o' ye really are made
o' rock...perhaps yore right."
Lucy exclaims, "hahahahahaha!!!1111 you cant eat mee!!!1"
+ Kevarr sends in her monitor alt. "Yes I can. *munch* (Group chat: nos)
You say, "I could still make boots out o' ye. I've got a friend who likes boots
made out o' skins."
Lucy exclaims, "potatoe skins!!!1"
You say, "No, animal skins. Like mouse skins."
Lucy asks, "no what animals and potatoes have???"
+ Kent is so confused... (Group chat: nos)
You say, "....Skins?....."
Lucy exclaims, "eyes!!!!!!1 hahahahahaha!!!11"
+ Atma says, "It's...obviously a small child." (Group chat: nos)
+ Atma says, "Or Special Ed." (Group chat: nos)
+ Kevarr says, "I'd rescue Maeva, but this is too funny. And Kevarr's rather
stuck." (Group chat: nos)
+ Violet says, "Shall I send in my super-jerk dude alt to mock her?" (Group
chat: nos)
+ Kevarr says, "Yes." (Group chat: nos)
Maeva nods slowly, "...right....er....." she suddenly seems to not quite be sure
what to say, thus she just blinks at her.
Drew climbs the stairs from the main yard of the abbey.
Drew has arrived.
+ Kent wishes Kent still snarked at people... but he's in a short lapse of
depression and shock. (Group chat: nos)
+ Kevarr drags Kent. No one to RP with... (Group chat: nos)
Drew limps up the stairs, muttering darkly to himself. The mouse bats at the
bandage on his ankle in a hop. "Bloody'ell.."
Lucy eats potatoeoe skins!!!1
Lucy exclaims, "omg noooo!!!1"
+ Kent mrrrs... Me? Where to...? (Group chat: nos)
Lucy exclaims, "i gootta gooo!!!1 byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111"
+ Kevarr says, "Open ground?" (Group chat: nos)
+ Violet says, "Ohmygod." (Group chat: nos)
Drew stops and stares at Lucy.
+ Kent scurries... avoiding Lucy. Yeeps. (Group chat: nos)
You say, ".....Er......Bye......"
+ Atma says, "....It's.....Obviously.....a joke. Yes." (Group chat: nos)
Lucy has disconnected.
+ Violet says, "This reminds me of the rapist 24 foot mouse." (Group chat: nos)
+ Kevarr says, "Lucy reminds me of this little two year old I had to watch at
church on Sunday afternoons. Hyperactive, climbed over everything, spoiled
rotten, and didn't listen to a word you said." (Group chat: nos)

Think that was bad? You haven't seen anything yet.

RW Abbey: Infirmary

Several beds are lined against the red sandstone walls of the Abbey's
Infirmary.An examination table, separated from the rest of the room by hanging
blanketsrests against the far wall. Tucked into a small alcove is a sizeable
workbenchwith various containers for mixing and preparing medicinal compounds.
Againstanother wall is a desk for use by the Infirmary Keeper. A curtained off
alcovebehind the desk hides a locked door to the Infirmary's supplies and

Exits: Infirmary [Rec]overy Room, [H]ealer's [D]ormitory, [O]pen [G]round,
Lucy comes out of the Recovery Room...
Lucy has arrived.
You room-page, "Hola"
Lucy room-pages, "hii meava!!!!!1".
Lucy room-pages, "r u spannish???".
You room-page, "Nope."
Lucy room-pages, "y do u say ola???".
You room-page, "Just because."
Lucy room-pages, "yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????/".
You room-page, "I don't have a reason."
Lucy room-pages, "o".
Atokk arrives from the Middle Dormitory..
Atokk has arrived.
You room-page, "Hola"
Atokk enters fronm the stairway, and looks around.
Lucy room-pages, "hiii!!!!!1".
Maeva is laying on a cot, frowning at the ceiling. However, when she hears Atokk
pad in, she looks toward him, "'Ello..."
Atokk room-pages, "yo, its me sanco only this is a diff. char. Its really fun to
have alot of char. u should try it if you haven't".
Atokk's curious features rapiddly turn to concern as he looks at the poor beast.
Atokk says, "Now you shouldn't be talkin', mar'm. Its not 'ealthy, wot?"
Lucy room-pages, "omg u can have more then 1????????????????".
Maeva raises a brow and grins at Atokk, "What's not 'ealthy about it?"
Lucy comes in
Atokk room-pages, "yes u can. ive told even heroes an they dont care.".
Lucy room-pages, "omg thats soooooooo kewl!!!!!!!111".
Lucy room-pages, "what r hereos?".
Atokk room-pages, "are u new? heores r on the staff".
Atokk room-pages, "jus type heroes".
Rika arrives from the Middle Dormitory..
Rika has arrived.
Rika room-pages, "hi".
Lucy room-pages, "hiii!!!1".
You room-page, "Hola"
Atokk room-pages, "yo".
Rika room-pages, "any rp?".
Atokk room-pages, "yep".
Lucy room-pages, "im lucy lu and meava isnt spannish!!!1!".
You room-page, "Yeah..."
In a room page-pose, Rika blinks
Atokk room-pages, ".......WHAT!!! ARE!!! U!!! TALKING!!! ABOUT!!! LUCY!!!".
You page, "Please stay. These people are scaring me! o_0" to Rika.
Atokk says, "Well its not 'ealthy with that bandage around yore eyes."
Rika pages, "ok" to you.
You say, "I can talk just fine with a bandage around me eye. How does a bandage
make talking un'ealthy?"
Lucy room-pages, "meava isnt spannish but she said ola neway!!!!".
Atokk room-pages, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! k".
Lucy waves
Lucy exclaims, "hi meava!!!1"
Rika enters the infirmar, she looks around, she sees Maeva and waves
You room-page, "Sea por favor silencioso."
Rika room-pages, "infirmary*".
Rika room-pages, "rika will :)".
Lucy room-pages, "omg was that more spannish????".
Rika room-pages, "yes it is more or less "please be quiet"".
Lucy room-pages, "o".
Lucy room-pages, "im sorrrrrrrrryyy!!11".
Rika room-pages, "come on, lets rp then".
Lucy room-pages, "ok!!!".
Lucy asks, "meava do u rember me???"
Maeva's eyes shift toward Lucy, and she gives a slight nod, "...I don't know how
I could forget ye..." Then she gives Rika a nod in greeting.
+ Maeva says, "Oh shoot. The infirmary has become the land of the newbies... *is
scared*" (Group chat: nos)
Lucy exclaims, "good cuz your my BEST FRIEND!!!!!1"
+ Violet says, "Oh no. What happens" (Group chat: nos)
+ Ajax yawns.. Ooh. Lucy again? ^ ^ (Group chat: nos)
+ Maeva says, "And Sanco, together in the same room." (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "are u rping lucy? cuz u need to use proper grammer when
saying stuff cuz thats talking ICly.".
+ Ajax winces.. (Group chat: nos)
Lucy room-pages, "im sorrrryyyyy!!!!!!!111".
+ Maeva says, "Atokk is Sanco. And he told Lucy you can have many characters, so
I wouldn't be surprised to see many Lucy alts popping up all over the place
now." (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "it ok".
+ Ajax eeeees. Glad I'm not you.. =P (Group chat: nos)
Lucy room-pages, "smiles".
+ Maeva will have to log this to send to Kev... (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages,
You room-page, "La ayuda."
+ Ajax snortgiggles. Put it on the rwmuck lj thing.. XD (Group chat: nos)
Rika bows to the male hare, then to the female mouse
Stat Player Sex Species Age Idle
DYN Rika Female Squirrel 9 seasons 12s
DYN Atokk Male Hare 10 seasons 0s
IC Lucy Female Mouse 9 seasons 0s
DYN Maeva Female Otter 7 seasons 0s
WAS FINE. alright how do i edit it?".
Lucy exclaims, "yes bow to me im a prinses!!!!!!!!!!!11"
Rika room-pages, "+set desc=(desc)".
Rika blinks, not understanding what lucy is saying
+ Maeva says, "The room-paging is even scarier than the RPing..." (Group chat:
Out of the corner of your eye, you see two big round eys looking at
Knap sack
Oak Sheild
Woodlander's Cloak
Fine collared tunic
+ Ajax eees! Show me! (Group chat: nos)
[Enter lines of text. Type '.' on a line by itself to paste or @abort to abort]
Atokk room-pages, "it don't work. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! K0".
Lucy asks, "what wont work??????????/"
Lucy room-pages, "i mean what wont work??????????????????//".
Lucy room-pages, "there".
Rika looks at Maeva with a very confused look
Lucy room-pages, "i forget to roompage!!!! im
+ Violet says, "You know, I've seen an influx of newbies lately. Quite
curious." (Group chat: nos)
Drew comes out of the Recovery Room...
Drew has arrived.
Rika room-pages, "no, the princess thing".
Lucy exclaims, "im a prinsessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111"
Drew trots in, his bandage all fresh'n'clean - the mouse lets out a great big
yawn. "Oi! Hellsteethn'squirrel tails. What ah' day."
Rika room-pages, "don't do that so much".
Lucy room-pages, "dont do what??????????????????/".
---+paste sent to Ajax.---
Rika room-pages, "!!!!!!!!!!!! and ????????????? once or twice gets the message
+ Maeva says, "There's some of it, Ajax." (Group chat: nos)
Drew room-pages, "Lucy :D How about we cut the puncuation to seldom occuring?
Just use ! or ?. Otherwise it looks all icky.".
Lucy room-pages, "im sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!".
Lucy room-pages, "is that better???????".
Lucy room-pages, "i mean is that better?".
Drew room-pages, "Quite alright, how about. 'is that better?'".
Drew room-pages, "Yes luv :D".
Lucy room-pages, "whats a luv?".
+ Ajax twitches. Oh my.. (Group chat: nos)
Atokk says, "Does anybeast wish to join me on a slave raid on the slave market."
You ask, "Eh?"
Lucy asks, "do u have any potatoe skins??????????"
You ask, "What slave market?....And, no, Lucy, I don't."
Rika room-pages, "lucy that is rather annoying".
Drew eyeballs those in the room, "What' on blasted mossflower is goin' along in
here? An.." he oggles at Lucy. "Potatoe what?"
Lucy room-pages, "what is?".
Atokk says, "Sadly, chaps and misses. There is a slave market located somewhere
north of Redwall. e might be able to stop it, wot?"
Maeva looks toward Drew and sighs, "Gods, I don't know. This place is going
insane, I think."
Rika shakes her head
Drew shuffles over towards Maeva, who looks semis-safe. "Aye, so it seems."
Lucy exclaims, "o no!!!"
Lucy exclaims, "meava u have to help atok!"
You say, "No, I don't. And what slave market is north o' Redwall? How far
Atokk looks at Maeva with one of his rare anger glances, "There is! And it might
spread to Redwall," he shuffles a bit with his feet and looks down, "like...
Kadeem, wot?"
In a gust of wind, Slayen's voice can be heard. It seems to say ****"it's seems
that Kadeem enters the scene again"**** The wind returns to normal as if
nothing happened. (to you)
Rika has disconnected.
Lucy asks, "whats kadeeeem???"
+ Maeva says, "Oh no. Now Slayen is online. I just got a page from him." (Group
chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "lucy talk in proper grammer like "Who's Kadeem?"".
You ask, "Ye know Kadeem? And ye didn't answer me question. How far north?"
Lucy asks, "whos kadeem???"
+ Maeva says, "I find it amusing that Sanco is talking about proper grammar."
(Group chat: nos)
You say, "An otter."
+ Ajax says, "o.O?? Funneh. XD" (Group chat: nos)
Atokk says, "I don' know him. Heard from a chap named Sanco, maybe you know him.
Anyways he seemed worried and told me of the wearabouts, though cause of me
A.D.D. I don't rightfully remember. Its somewhere near a Warehouse. A very high
density of vermin there, wot wot."
Lucy asks, "dos it eat things like meava????"
You room-page, "I don't think people talked about A.D.D. in this time period..."
+ Ajax says, "A hare with ADD. XD This just gets better and better." (Group
chat: nos)
Lucy asks, "whats add???"
Atokk room-pages, "Telek says it was ok sos i did it".
Player Title S Species Stat Idle Location
Telek Script M Hare IC 6m Salamandastron: Telek's Dormito
----------------------------------------------------- 08:34:51 AM - 10/17/03--
Rika room-pages, "yeah you just don't pay much attention".
Atokk room-pages, "Lucy be quiet. AND STOP TALKING WITH BAD GRAMMER ITS
You room-page, "Yeah, it's okay for him to have it, but they wouldn't have that
nifty little name for it."
Lucy asks, "WHATS ADD????????????????"
Rika room-pages, "it means you have problems paying attention Lucy".
ANNOYING!!!!!!!". I find that hilarious." (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "fine "*cause of me lack of attention and memory..."".
+ Ajax rolls!!! (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "lucy when talking OOC use roompage. just type in rp
You say, "...If ye don't even remember where it is, how do I know it isn't a
season's travel away, and how do ye intend to find it?"
Lucy room-pages, "i know how to be
Rika room-pages, "err...".
Atokk room-pages, "........r-i-g-h-tttttttt......".
Lucy asks, "atok do u have ne potatoe skins???"
You room-page, "Soy espantado."
+ Ajax poofs for food.. (Group chat: nos)
Atokk looks at her in dismay, "No me lassy. But I have fresh scones, wot?" He
takes a frsh whiff of the aroma while he offers it to the mousemaid.
Atokk room-pages, "*fresh".
Lucy exclaims, "i dont eat stones silly!!"
Rika pages, "your what?" to you.
You page, "Heh, frightened/scared." to Rika.
Rika pages, "thanks" to you.
Atokk room-pages, "scones, there like a british biscuit".
Lucy room-pages, "o".
Maeva sighs and pulls a blanket over her head.
Lucy room-pages, "but im not britsh!!".
You room-page, "..."
Rika sits next to Maeva's cot
Drew room-pages, "Some days, it's not worth chewing through the straps.".
Player Title S Species Stat Idle Location
Leman Squeek? M Badger IC 1m Camp Tussock: Small Alley
Dillon M Fox IC 5m Crevasse
Feayr Drury'Cat M Polecat IC 11m Grassland
Notch Carpenter M Beaver IC 1m Halyard Tavern: Alleyway
Guran Heh. M Fox IC 1m Noonvale: Main Road
Violet Wary. F Mouse IC 1m Noonvale: Residential Area
Slayen BlindWind M Mouse DYN 26s Noonvale: Residential Area
Atokk Long Patr M Hare DYN 10s RW Abbey: Infirmary
Lucy F Mouse IC 32s RW Abbey: Infirmary
Drew Burning. M Mouse IC 29s RW Abbey: Infirmary
Maeva 1 Eye .-0 F Otter DYN 0s RW Abbey: Infirmary
Rika alone! F Squirrel DYN 47s RW Abbey: Infirmary
Telek Script M Hare IC 1m Salamandastron: Telek's Dormito

Sebastian Purr Me M Cat AFK 28s Stormdamage
----------------------------------------------------- 08:43:55 AM - 10/17/03--
Lucy room-pages, "what straps?????????????///".
Lucy room-pages, "WHAT STRAPS???????????????????////////".
Lucy has disconnected.
Stat Player Sex Species Age Idle
IC Drew Male Mouse Adult 3m
DYN Rika Female Squirrel 9 seasons 3m
DYN Atokk Male Hare 10 seasons 0s
ZZZ Lucy Female Mouse 9 seasons [---]
DYN Maeva Female Otter 7 seasons 0s
uhhhhh.... finally!!!".
Atokk room-pages, "yah, shes gone, i think shes new.".
Drew room-pages, "Dude, Atokk. Chill.".
Drew room-pages, "She's a newbie, just like you were.".
You room page-pose, "Maeva nods. Take deep breaths, Atokk."
Atokk room-pages, "yeah but i didn't act like that, i read the MUCK tutorials
Drew room-pages, "So? We all come here with different levels of playing. So be
Atokk room-pages, "i was trying but she was just being ditsy".
Drew room-pages, "No matter. Turn the other cheek and go on.".
You room page-pose, "Maeva es divertido."
+ Violet mocks noonvale. Mm. Fun. (Group chat: nos)
Atokk room-pages, "ok Dr.Phil".
Rika room-pages, "that was Jesus man".
Lucy has left.
Rika looks at the covered Maeva
Atokk says, "So....whos with me, wot!?"
Rika doesn't respond, because she can't
( at least not verbally )
Rika room-pages, "why does it have () now?".
You say, "Ye don't even answer me questions, so I'm not about to dart off with
some stranger to rescue slaves from a place likely crawling with vermin...and
being friends with Sanco doesn't speak highly o' ye, either."
You room-page, "Just does that sometimes when you spoof."
Rika room-pages, "pain".
Atokk room-pages, "hey be back in a sec. me downloadin Massive Attack songs".
Rika blinks at Maeva's statement
Rika room-pages, "sorry just sick of the lack of posing".
Atokk room-pages, "Black Sabbath is awesome too. Especially Electric Funeral and
Iron Man".
In a room page-pose, Rika starts growing impatient
Atokk room-pages, "bye".
Atokk has disconnected.
"fine then..wot wot" the hare pounds out of the infirmary.
Stat Player Sex Species Age Idle
IC Drew Male Mouse Adult 21m
DYN Rika Female Squirrel 9 seasons 14s
ZZZ Atokk Male Hare 10 seasons [---]
DYN Maeva Female Otter 7 seasons 0s
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