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I can't believe I didn't think of looking for a RW MUCK community on here sooner, I've had my LJ for ages!

I wonder if there's anyone here who remembers me from way back when... I was on the MUCK actively from about August of 1998 till around sometime in 2002 (not exactly sure when, but I know it was before the earthquake TP). After that I pretty much just logged on every couple of weeks just to keep my chars from being deleted. Then when I graduated high school in 2003 I just stopped coming on, things got too busy. But I've been back now since August of 2006 (seems I like August, for some reason...).

My current chars are: Rois, Kiia, Leda, Jacey, and a few others.

My old chars included: Killian, Marreli, Moria, Rivermoon, Riverblossom, Noria, Nora, Kisha, Althea, Kireel, Nicia, Shyrna, Lyrania, Shar, Gemstone, Katrine, Shillia, Shinay, Shikanda, Myliana, Miendi
Love the similarity in some of the names - what was I thinking? Haha. And how did I ever handle so many alts?

Anyhow... Glad to find you guys, hope there are actually a few of you alive here! :)
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